These are organza bags filled with lavender to continually cleanse your crystals as when we need additional support from crystals daily we can take the energy of a crystal very quickly, this will ensure they are up to help you combat anxiety in daily life. You can keep the bag with you with all the crystals in or simply take out the crystals, close your eyes, roll them around your hand until you feel drawn to stop and that will be the crystal you need to accompany you that day.  These pouches contain: Haematite- a grounding crystal healing energy flow straight to your root chakra, it's great to support you to feel calm and confident to go through change perfectly or speaking in public.  Tourmaline- protective crystal useful for when you are having thoughts of low self worth, fear , insecurities and anxiety.This crystal helps to practice self acceptance. Fluorite- helps slow down an overactive mind and declutters conflicting thoughts it can help aid you to think more logically than acting on impulse. Smoky quartz- will help you realise that challenges ate transformative opportunities, the universe isn't against you, it's just nudging you to start doing things differently. Citrine- provides optimistic energy that will help you get over a stressful day, week, month or even year so you can enjoy downtime without being haunted by life responsibilities. All these crystals are Reiki cleansed and charged by the full moon fully ready and waiting to support you. White Howlite- this stone will promote patience and ease turbulence, while helping you with calm communication.

Anxiety Pouch