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Apophyllite with zeolite and Peach Stilbite Heart

15cm x 15cm

Apophyllite is a very high vibrational stone that helps one attune their energies to those of higher dimensions and realms. This stone is here to connect one with their guardian angels and spirits who are guiding them on this journey of life. Our third eye and crown chakras become unlocked, with a powerful connection formed between the two. This channel will help one understand the images and energies they see and feel when meditating with this stone. Apophyllite is a perfect tool for anyone looking to expand their consciousness and connect to a foreign realm not like our own. All practitioners of astral projection and lucid dreaming need a piece of Apophyllite at their bedside. This stone will fill one’s entire room with high vibrational energy that will allow one to easily transcend into the abyss.

What are the benefits of Apophyllite?

Apophyllite is a powerful spiritual stone, helping to cleanse your aura and clear negative energy. If you struggle with energy blocks or negative energy in your home or workplace, apophyllite is a fantastic stone to incorporate into your space. It can also help you connect to your guardian angels, transcending the physical realm to connect with your spirit guides.

Physically, apophyllite can help clear and heal respiratory problems, relieve allergy symptoms, heal skin rashes, and combat fatigue and exhaustion. Even in the most stressful situations, this unique crystal can clear negative energy and promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Apophyllite is an antidote to today’s modern, fast-paced society and an ideal stone to keep in your home.

Associated Chakra & Uses

Apophyllite is used to stimulate the third eye chakra, ushering wisdom and positivity into your life. The third-eye chakra is the seat of your intuition and the key to helping you make judicious decisions. The energies of apophyllite sharpen your senses and promote clarity in a way that enables you to acknowledge and trust your instincts.

Meditating with apophyllite (ideally with the stone placed on your third eye) can help open your upper three chakras, inviting love, wisdom, and clarity into your life and connecting you to your higher self.

Apophyllite also works well with the heart chakra, enhancing your ability to give and receive love. Wear it as a necklace with the stone close to your physical heart space or meditate with it while envisioning the color green to help clear and balance your heart chakra.

Apophyllite with zeolite and Peach Stilbite Heart

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