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Banishing Powder is a powerful blend that can help you get rid of those annoying habits, harmful people, unhealthy situations, and negative energy that plagues you. It can also block unwanted visitors. Banishing Powder is not a jinxing oil, it merely gets rid of any negative influence that may be affecting you. It can also remove hexes, spells and curses. If someone is trying to send you negative energy, Banishing Powder can send it right back their way.


A banishing spell shouldn't be used light heartedly it is something you need to have fully decided on and with the right intention, as feelings and emotions when this banishing powder is activated are not taken into account it literally banishes whatever it is you want with rapid effect.


Be clear with your intention of what you wish to banish, think before you speak as all words are spells, (why do you think it's called spelling). It should not be made for making quick decisions. Be careful what you wish for. Banishing something or someone should have deep thought and consideration before you take the final step.


Time is a manmade construction within the universe and magic has no scale, this powder can react very quickly once you have used it. The spell cannot be undone.


Once you have decided to use this and fully assessed what you want to ask for. Remove the sealed lid, light either a candle or fire (fire is more suited but a candle will work just as well). Pour some of the powder into your hands, place one hand on top of the other, close your eyes and think about what you want to banish. When you are ready, pour the powder into the fire and ask aloud for what you want to banish, then sit for a moment in awe of the fire thinking about how it will feel to have removed this from your life. Then let the powder get to work.


Remember that powders are intended as a subtle form of magic. There's no need to use a vast amount a small sprinkling is typically sufficient.

No timescale is given as stated before as it is dependent on the individual, intention and the situation. Things may move quickly just be prepared for the outcome. Stay vibrant and strong.

This comes in a wooden box for your safe keeping and out of sight from peering eyes.


Sacred wishes AG



We will not be held responsible for any outcome the banishing powder creates. Free will is yours and it is your choice to use it.

Do not consume or use for any other purpose.


Contains; Magick, Black salt, Clove, Vervain, Frankincense, Juniper berries, black pepper, wormwood, devils claw sealed with Red garnet and a pentagram talisman. In a 4cm tall glass vile.

Banishing Powder in Wooden Box

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