The Beaver Moon will teach you how to build your dreams into reality, choose enrichment of spiritual blessings or remain stagnant in our past.

Created with 30cl of eco soy wax blended with blood orange and gogoa berries essential oils containing a crazy lace agate tumblestone and peach blossom.

Suddenly life is moving at an accelerated rate and be prepared to keep up with it,  Be flexible and not so rigid with your thoughts or actions. This candle is about leaving behind the noose of old habits, patterns and broken dreams.What has been cannot be changed and it is time to let it go, while we lean forward to embrace all that lies ahead. Enjoy all of the celestial blessings that are coming your way. Make sure you take time to thank The Creator, the angels, your guides, and ancestors for all of their help bringing you this year.

These are reflection candles, each and everyone has a soul purpose to help aid you, however you must be very clear with your intention upon lighting the flame will not always be the same as an ordinary candle as it is getting to work aiding you with what need at this point on your journey. Pay attention to the flame as this could have a hidden message when the flame burns low it is making the. magick truly happen.

Beaver moon