Crown or “Sahaswara” Chakra meaning the “infinite”,is the seventh Chakra located at the top of the head (slightly above the head) like a crown. The Crown Chakra is represented with deep purple or white color. The symbol of Crown Chakra is composed of a circle and thousand petals. The thousand petals represent our connectivity to the divine, all other beings and the universe. The petals of the lotus flower also symbolize eternity of this connection and unison. The circle representing the full moon symbolizes the awakening of our conscious mind. The Chakra is associated with the brain and the whole nervous system. As its element is ether, it is associated with space or cosmos.


The Crown Chakra acts like an antenna or pathway that connects us with the Universe. The Chakra is the gateway from the material self to the divine self. It is the Chakra of pure consciousness and channels us to connect with the higher states of spiritual advancement beyond our personal preoccupations and visions. This Chakra is associated with self-transcendence and higher consciousness - World of Knowledge, Wisdom and Intellectual Excellence. This is the most complex Chakra to understand as it belongs to the entity of infinite universal energy. The awareness the Chakra emanates is universal and transcendental, where the opposites are one and the same.

Crown Chakra Necklace