The candle of rebirth and awakening setting you free to move forward and embrace your power. Bringing in all the elements for spiritual healing.

Dedicate to the Goddess of Magic Hekate
One of her ancient titles means “Breaker of Chains.” Hekate was known as the Keeper of Keys of the universe by the ancients, indicating she held the knowledge of all things. She was also revered as a goddess of the crossroads, a place viewed as a portal between this world and the one of spirits.

She was always known as the Queen of Witches. Hekate is the rebellion against constrictions put upon us. She is the eternal wild woman.

Hekate is the energy that brings us our connection self, to one another together in sacred circles, alone small and larger. We stand as wild women reborn. 

Those intuitive keys are the very ones that set us free using the 5th Element with the energy of Hekate will set you free.

Dried Elder flower: Element of Water
Witches and spirit's were thought to live within the Elder: this was why it "bled" red sap when cut. Protecting against evil and negativity the flowers giving you blessings.
Raspberry essential oil: Element of Water
Helping reducing pain and fear to move forward into your rebirth to become whole again shiny and new.

Honeysuckle essential oil: Element of Earth
Increasing your psychic powers bringing reconnect to light.

Dried Star Anisee: Element of Earth
This Moon herb is carried whole for luck, and it is burned for clairvoyance and to increase psychic awareness.  

Lepidolite Crystal: Element of Water 
It shows us the way to a greater sense of who we are and our true desires.  shining a light on your spiritual journey, it helps create balance to the mind and body restoring perfect harmony with the earth and its healing, life-sustaining energy.

Upon lighting the candle you create the Element of Fire.

Element of Spirit is you!

Intentionally set in a large copper container as copper conducts spiritual energy between individuals, and allows for healing and repairing of the body by soul stimulation and free flowing emotions.

Dimensions of the pot are as follows:

Diameter:  90mm +/- 3mm

Height: 90mm +/- 3mm

Blended with 14 eco soy wax and wooden wick to ensure we aren't damaging mother earth and no nasty toxic bits inside. 

This  candles soul purpose to help aid you, however you must be very clear with your intention upon lighting the flame will not always be the same as an ordinary candle as it is getting to work aiding you with what need at this point on your journey. Pay attention to the flame as this could have a hidden message when the flame burns low it is making the magick truly happen.

Fifth Element