Heart or “Anahata” Chakra meaning “unbeaten” or “unhurt” is the fourth Chakra located at the center of the chest where our heart organ lies. Its color is green and can turn pink with higher energy frequencies. Its symbol is represented by two intersecting triangles forming a star with six points in a circle of 12 petals. The petals represent the twelve divine qualities connected with our heart – peace, bliss, love, harmony, empathy, understanding, purity, clarity, compassion, unity, forgiveness and kindness. The intersecting triangles symbolize the unison of two seemingly opposite energies (male and female energy) to form a harmonious energy, making heart the center of connection. The fourth Chakra is related to the element of air and is related to our breathing and its movements (lungs) and cardiac system. It also represents our connection with space.


The Heart Chakra, as a center of connection and integration, is said to bridge the three lower Chakras (that are manifested more physically) and three upper Chakras (that are manifested more metaphysically), representing the earthly and spiritual world. This Chakra is where our love, emotion and kindness are empowered. It is the center of feelings, freedom and our emotional connection like compassion, love, beauty and inner peace. The Heart Chakra is associated with heart-centered discernment, appreciation of beauty in all things, and deep & meaningful relationships. As the Heart Chakra is all about connecting, it facilitates giving and receiving, and transforming emotions and experiences through the universal language of Love. Love, here is not limited to the feeling of romance, but the unconditional Love that opens us to beauty, compassion and acceptance.

Heart Chakra Necklace