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Enter the next phase of your life with the help of Lepidolite. Through the transformational energy of this crystal, you can recognize where you want to be in life and what you need to change in order to get there. Lepidolite will guide you from chaotic stages of life toward calm times of consistent progress and positivity. Transitions are tough, but with lepidolite to provide tranquility and balance, the journey can be a little bit easier.

Before you go to sleep, place it over your forehead or meditate with it to release any thoughts or feelings that might keep you up at night, then.....

Place lepidolite under your pillow and it will help with a restful nights sleep

If you have suffered the loss of a loved one, Lepidolite will help relieve the hurt and pain caused with its gentle healing and loving energy ...hold lepidolite and let her take the strain and pain from your energy helping you to cope and focus.

Size guide grid is in inches

Lepidolite slice

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