LILITH rises within us to heal millennia of misogyny.  For she is in the breath of every ‘Me Too’ story. 
She is in our motion when we march. 
She is in the claiming of sacred sovereignty. 
She is in the spirit of every womb activist. 
She is in the story of every sex worker. 
She is in the survival of every survivor. 
When we heal the womb line, 
She’s there. 
When we mark our boundaries, 
She’s there. 
When we howl our dissent, 
She’s there. 
When we reclaim the words used against women-
She’s there. 
When we work to dismantle oppression, 
She’s there. 
When we pass on wisdom to our Sisters, 
She’s there. 
When we weave the scarlet web, 
She is there. 
When we taste the fruit of Truth, 
She’s there. 
Daughters of Lilith,
the time has come for you 
to open your wings and soar.
Time for a collective screech that takes the floor.
Time for wild howls that say 


The Alphabet of Ben Sira, an early Medieval Jewish text that's often read as satirical. Here, Lilith is described as Adam's first wife, created from the earth as God "had created Adam himself." Almost immediately, she started to quarrel with Adam about sex: "She said, 'I will not lie below,' and he said, 'I will not lie beneath you, but only on top. For you are fit only to be in the bottom position, while am to be in the superior one.' Lilith responded, 'We are equal to each other inasmuch as we were both created from the earth.'"

The dark moon goddess. Her energy is difficult to integrate and is associated with an idiosyncratic, uncontrollable, feminine vitality.

30cm x 19cm diameter on premium quality slate with rubber protective feet.