Night time facial oil.

Dedicated to Pomona beloved as the Apple Goddess and protectress of orchards, Associated with abundance, nature, youth and beauty.Created on a full moon and fully charged in the rays, this Skin Potion is the secret to eternal youth keeping you skin juicy just like a apple.


Charged and still containing clear quartz chips being te master healer it really helps restore your skin and this happens at night time whilst we are fast asleep,  with sesame oil, and a combination of apple, sweet almond, rosemary, chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender essential oils.


These are vegan friendly products used in creating this magical potion. Shake well before use a few of these magical drops is all you need to restore you skin to a Goddess glow radiating pure beauty. For sensitive skin patch test a small area before applying all over your face.

Ponomas potion - Facial Oil

Size: 50ml