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"Sadness, I release you... Goodbye, Fatigue I release you..... Goodbye, I greet this day anew, I greet my life renewed"

This enchanting bath oil soothes your soul, washing away all that negative energy of others, leaving you relaxed and restored with peace within bringing a sense of overall calm and clarity the perfect purification bath oil at any time of the moon cycle. Containing almond oil, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, rose petals and buds. Jasmine, vanilla and rose geranium essential oils and rose quartz crystal chips. This is created over a 4 day period to ensure all the correct energies are stored into this magical potion. In a glass bottle can reuse or pop the bottle in recycling once finished warning this item contains nuts

50mls in each vile containing enough for 4 uses.

Soak your soul bath Ritual oil

  • This item contains nuts

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