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A spell's power comes from writing about and truly understanding the intention behind it. By blending journal entries with spells that help you manifest the best version of yourself, Spellcraft is the perfect living grimoire for a new witch. 

Reflect on the purpose of your magic and then learn how to build spells from a host of composite parts on your witch's journey to self-discovery. Tuning in to past events, unconscious biases, and the connections that your own mind casts will help you lay down the groundwork for growth, give yourself hope in trying times, and manifest new opportunities. 

White magic spells for 28 cleansing rituals are accompanied by 3–5 prompts to encourage personal development. Learn how to make wishes come true and complete rootwork that will help you grow taller and wiser. Maintain your practice with spells and journal prompts revolving around the Wheel of the Year, a cycle of pagan holidays (such as Yule and Ostara) that follow the seasons and revolve around equinoxes and solstices.

Light up the magic that is already inside of you. Choose happiness and then bring it into the world.

• Author: Agnes Hollyhock

• Publisher: Rock Point

• Format: Hardback

• Pages: 144

• Dimensions: 21.72 x 16.64 x 2.03 cm

Spell craft - A guided journal for casting cleansing, & blessing

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