Sprite bringing confidence to be creative 
Vibrant fruity blend of Ruby Red Lingonberries, Raspberries, Blueberries & amp Tart Cassis interwoven with a Citrus blast of Sweet Orange, Bergamot and Aldehydic and creamy Vanilla adding a comforting warmth. Adorned with 
Mixed tourmaline crystal chips promoting inspiration and happiness, encouraging self confidence balancing yin-yang energies connecting our earth roots once more, and a crescent moon shell because of the moons influence on the ocean, sea shells hold energy of the moon all blended in 20cl of eco soy wax.
This candle is embellished with real gem-stones and hand poured and using energy of crystal healing combined with reiki. Remove crystal with a metal spoon when the wax has started melting, run under warm soapy water and you can keep forever! Remove all embellishments, When burning your candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt until it reaches the edges. This will create a candle memory and a clean and even burn in the future. Never leave your candle burning for more than 4hrs. When you reach the last 1cm of wax, pop your container in a bowl of hot water to help remove the wax and wick- then you can reuse it for anything you like, or simply pop into your glass recycling bin.