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Awaken, heal and transform your life with The Moon Fix, a bewitchingly illustrated modern guide to harnessing lunar power and celebrating the Sacred Feminine that lives within us all.Through better understanding and attuning ourselves to the lunar cycles we can improve our intuition, let go of past pains and find a deeper spiritual connection. From succeeding in business to finding love, discover how lunar power can help you to achieve ambitious goals and address your most secret concerns.Bring ancient wisdom to modern living with this enlightening book, which includes:• An introduction to the moon in astrology, from its relation to the signs to its different phases and their significance• When and how to harness lunar power to manifest and celebrate your deepest desires, including how to create a moon altar and work with crystals, incense, herbs and oils• Lunar advice and spells, rituals, meditations and recipes, organized by themes that include Joy and Success, Health and Wellness, and Protection and Comfort• Hauntingly beautiful illustrations from mystic artist and influencer Indigo (@indg0)Align yourself with the universe and connect with the changing cycles to live a limitless life.Product Information:• Author: Theresa Cheung• Publisher: White Lion Publishing• Format: Hardback• Pages: 176• Dimensions: 23.75 x 17.91 x 2.16 cm

The Moon Fix Book

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