Throat or “Vishuddha” Chakra meaning “pure” is the fifth Chakra located at the center of the neck at the level of the throat, right between our collar bone. The Throat Chakra is connected with the pharyngeal and brachial plexi, mouth, jaws, tongue, pharynx and palate.  It is also linked to shoulders and neck. It is also the first of three spiritual Chakras as opposed to the four lower Chakras which manifest more physically. The Throat Chakra is represented by aquamarine blue color. Its symbol is composed of 16-petalled circle with a downward-pointing triangle and another circle in the center. The 16 petals symbolize all the vowels of the Sanskrit language which represents Purusha or spirit. The inner triangle represents the manifestation of speech and the inner circle symbolizes the moon which represents psychic energy, clairvoyance and communication. Its element is ether and related to sound.


The Throat Chakra is the center of expression and communication. So, it regulates our self-expression and its truthfulness. This compliments in anything related to expression, public relation, communication, vocal arts etc. The Throat Chakra is governed by the idea of expressing the creativity in its perfect form or authenticity. This Chakra is very much connected with the Sacral Chakra, the center of emotion and creativity. People with career in public dealing like leaders, journalists, speakers, singers, writers, performers, Media and Marketing, generally have a well-balanced Throat Chakra. As the Chakra’s element is ether, it also corresponds to the etheric realm of spirit and intuitive abilities.

Throat Chakra Necklace