With the end of the longest night the dark is defeated with the Return of the Sun, the return of light, hope and promise.

Palo Santo - to cleanse your aura, space home. Light one end and let the smoke waft all over. Palo Santo (Holy wood) you can also use this as a way of cleansing your home in the same way as sage. Palo santo welcomes love, creativity and good fortune into your space. Promoting feelings of positivity and happiness. The scent of Palo Santo reduces stress, anxiety and emotional trauma.

Red tigers eye for empowerment symbolising prosperity and use of the right power. As a child of the sun and earth bringing your hidden to the forefront and accept your imperfections.

Tea light anointed with cinnamon and orange burning for up to eight hours.

Black Himalayan salts to just soak yourself in this water, sit back and relax. It will help in treating cracked, swollen skin. It is also helpful in treating warts and sprains. When you come out of the bath, you will surely feel rejuvenated. However, if you have a sensitive skin, make sure that the water is not too hot else it can cause irritation and itching.

Orange, lime, apple, cinnamon and rose buds to celebrate the abundance of light, aware that from this day forward the lighter days are coming and time for renewal as the sun king its returning once more as warmer green days are on their way. 

And a pukka 'feel new' tea bag
Prepare to reawaken cup of organic delight leaving your body as sweet as the fennel seed within. Aniseed and lush cardamom bring your cup alive to shrug off the old and embrace the new.

Yule Bath Ritual