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The Story of

Why do I do what I do???

This world can be a difficult place for us to deal with from time to time, my mission is to help make the dark days brighter and bring you back to the light.

Through the study of alchemy herb lore and my continuous passion for crystals and manifestations. I have been able to make creations of enchanted candles, bath bombs facial oils, sprays and salt scrubs. Each one is individually made with magic love and set with the right intention to help aid you in day to day life. 

When I first began on this journey I was looking for how I could create things personally for me and once I began all I could think about was how I could help others. Giving them love and light in the dark days, not just me. Here I am, loving life, excited at every person I help aid in some way and even more excited at the endless possibility of all the others I can help in this world 😍🖤 

I also hold crystal workshops which I will be expanding to online which consist at present of Anxiety crystals, home collection, self-love and Divine feminine.

Life is a rollercoaster we need to learn to enjoy it. 


Healing 🙏💫
It never is that simple 🙄 but.. That's what makes the road to discovery so exciting!!

If you feel lost in the world right now, I can be the light that guides you through my designed programmes from self study to 1:1 coaching.

 Helping heal the mind and body soothing your soul. Inspiring you to see the light even in the darkest hours 🔮💞


Through my dedicated programmes I'm able to help guide you 🙏to make the change, to put your life into perspective using designed techniques, practices and coaching you to envision your future manifesting the life you deserve 🤩💞

The world can be a difficult place sometimes my mission to bring healing to the mind and body feeding your souls for the next steps into spirituality 🌍💫🔮

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