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  • Is it vegan?
    Yes all of my products are vegan created with the outlook for the highest good in helping aid our planet, only tested on humans once created.
  • Is it eco friendly ?
    All of the products are eco friendly, recyclable or biodegradable, I could not create something that could damage the mother earth.
  • Are they magick?
    These are enchanted products that have been created through the study of alchemy, herb lore, crystal healing and of course witchcraft they are all set individually with an intention to help aid you in day to day. The magick is for you to see the light on the dark days bringning you hope in the darkest hour, Always remember the sun will set and rise again tomorrow.
  • How do i use them?
    Each product is different and has its own very unique purpose, most of the hard work has already been done for you and these enchanted gifts know what they are meant to help you, ensure that if you ever use any with setting your own intention that you are very clear with what you are setting.
  • How are they tested?
    These have all been tired and tested on humans before being released, no harm has been caused to them, although they may have seen a more positive glow about them…..
  • Do you make them?
    Everything has been created by myself each product is individually made by me, every idea in life starts off as just a thought, thoughts become things if we let them and I'm so happy that I am able to share my creations with you and the world to make a difference no matter how small, we all have to start somewhere like a drop of water causing the ripples expanding across the water, just like energy and positivity. when you begin to feel better within yourself you then become aware of the world around you and want to help make a differnce to yourself, others and the planet.
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