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Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse April 2023 🌑

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 19/20, 2023, is the first Eclipse we have had in Aries since 2015, kickstarting a new cycle of Eclipses that will continue to unfold until March 2025.

The Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse activates a gateway to a new reality. Doors will open, bringing new opportunities and new pathways. Some of these opportunities may come as a surprise but others may be things we have been working towards for some time.

The supercharged energy behind this Eclipse will thin veil, increasing our sensitivity, creativity, and intuition. With Aries energy also strong, this is our opportunity to find our courage to become the leader or spirit guide, of our own lives.

As the Eclipse energies flow, use them to set intentions, visualize your desired outcome, look at things in a new way, and stay open to the abundance of the Universe. This is a high-energy time that will guide us to the next chapter of our soul journey.

Let’s now take a deeper dive into the energetics and astrology behind this beautiful and rare Eclipse-

The Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse is a hybrid between an Annular Eclipse, where you can see a ring of fire around the Sun, and Total Eclipse, where the Sun is completely blocked.

Hybrid Eclipses are incredibly rare and can suggest a transition or perhaps a shift between two worlds. Just as the Eclipse moves from Total to Annular, perhaps something in our lives is preparing to shift too.

Falling in the sign of Aries, this is the second lunar cycle in a row to begin in this fire sign. The first was back on March 21st, when we experienced the Aries New Moon. Having two powerful lunar cycles back to back in Aries indicates an intensity building around Aries themes.

Aries is a fire sign, and the element of fire which lives within us all gives us strength, courage, passion, and determination. When it burns too strong, however, the element of fire can lead to anger, attacks, destruction, and being too impulsive or ego-driven.

Balancing our own inner fire may be a theme around this Eclipse. We may feel the Aries energy pushing us to stand up for ourselves, leap into the new, and find the confidence to enter the new doors that are opening for us. But we may also find ourselves needing to bring it back, tame our egos, take responsibility for any destruction, and reconsider the voice of our hearts.

Whether your inner fire needs to be fanned or tamed, this Eclipse will be your guide, helping you to cross into a new state of being or perhaps even a new reality. The transition that unfolds under this hybrid Eclipse will be mirrored within, so pay attention to how you are being guided to move.

Aries Solar Eclipse at the Highly Karmic 29th Degree

The April Solar Eclipse falls at 29 degrees of Aries, the zodiac’s final degree. The final degree of any zodiac sign is considered a highly charged and karmic point and is known as the Anaretic degree.

Having such a powerful Eclipse on this highly charged point indicates a karmic event or destiny that is unfolding. It also indicates something coming to a point of closure, leaving space for the new to emerge.

Eclipses have long been known for bringing fated or karmic events, but this April Eclipse seems especially connected to the divine realms.

The 29th degree is also considered a point of highest consciousness, where we are able to integrate all the lessons of that zodiac sign and operate from its highest expression.

At its highest expression, Aries invites confidence, courage, passion, and the right balance of leadership. See where you can create some space to welcome these themes into your life under the Eclipse.

The Aries Solar Eclipse and the Cosmic Skies

Let’s take a look at what cosmic influences will be imprinting on the vibration of this Eclipse –

Vesta, the Goddess Asteroid of Hearth and Fire, is active under this Eclipse. Vesta may activate things within the home for us, or may guide us to reflect on how we can feel more at home regardless of our external surroundings.

Humea, the Hawaiian Goddess of fertility has a softer influence here, but adds to the highly creative energy that this Eclipse already holds. Humea has the gift of being able to give birth using multiple parts of her body. She is the ultimate creator and all of us can connect and tune into her vibrations to enhance our creativity, our reproductive health, and our manifestation efforts.

Eris, the Goddess of Discord and Strife, is aligned with Jupiter at this time, adding to the Eclipse energies. The presence of Eris and Jupiter together does indicate some volatility, but it does seem to be well-balanced with the other cosmic forces. Remember, when Eris is concerned, she brings Discord and Strife because she knows that a better way can be achieved. She wants to stir up the status quo so we can question things and ultimately, find a new way to greater harmony.

Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, is also triggered under this Solar Eclipse. While Pluto does rule over the process of transformation from death to rebirth, it does feel like the energy of the rebirth will be highlighted here more strongly. Pluto’s presence, coupled with the potent Solar Eclipse, can help to bring never-imagined opportunities and awakenings that help us to completely rebirth and transform into a higher version of ourselves.

The Eclipse Portal and You

The Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse is laying the foundation for a new pathway to emerge. It is ripe with fertile, creative energy that we can use to shape and fashion the next chapter of our lives.

You are a co-creator of the Universe, so use this power and work with the Eclipse by exploring manifestation work and setting intentions. Keep your vibration lifted, and remember that all things are possible, especially when you step up and become the leader of your life.

If you want to dive deeper into understanding what the Aries Eclipse may stir in your life, look to what house Aries falls in your natal chart, as those house themes can be intensified during this period.

You can also reflect on what was happening in your life during the last Aries-Libra Eclipse cycle, which was from October 2013-September 2015. It is not that the same events will happen again, however you may find yourself exploring similar themes or graduating to the next lesson of whatever came up for you.

The partner to this Eclipse will be the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 5th. As we journey through these two Eclipses, we can feel out of sorts and emotionally scattered, so be gentle with yourself and others during this period.

Under this Aries Eclipse, know you have added power to set intentions, seek opportunities, take that leap of faith, and put yourself out there. Allow your true authentic self to shine, and opportunities will flow your way.

A paradigm-shifting Aries Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees on April 19/20 is cracking us open to even more of our cosmic gifts and galactic connections as the Sun and Moon both receive intense squares from Pluto in Aquarius at 0 degrees. It is time to see how far we have come in our personal evolution while moving forward into new frequencies that may feel challenging and difficult to understand and integrate at times. Powerful downloads and huge awakenings are coming in, and it can be jarring to our sense of Self, as well as disruptive to the life we have built and currently know. But your soul knows the enormous potential of this influx of change that is accelerating us at both an individual and collective level. New levels of independence, creativity, solutions, and ingenuity are also streaming in to advance us into new territory.

One month after this eclipse, we have a Fixed Grand Cross on May 20 working with the Scorpio Solar Eclipse point from Oct 25, 2022 and this Solar Eclipse eclipse point, signaling that deep permanent changes are occurring at a soul level as karma is cleared out – unless your personal sovereignty chooses otherwise.

The effects of this New Moon Solar Eclipse will last into 2024 and beyond, as the global energies are transforming and evolving into forms we have not yet experienced on this planet.

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