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Buxton this Weekend

Sound Healing Bath & Cacao Ceremony with Congeries of Sound & Amazonite Griffin Saturday 8th June 16.15pm at the Buxton Health & Healing Festival

£15 per person

An hour of soul connection with Congeries of Sound and Amazonite Griffin.

Cacao and sound bath ceremonies have been around from Aztec times, beginning with taking Cacao, a drink made from Cacao powder. The raw milled bean which would ultimately become chocolate. The drink is prepared by Amazonite Griffin over several hours, nurturing it, preparing it ready for ceremony.

In the ceremony you will set your intentions, connecting to the heart visualising where you want to see yourself in the future followed by a guided meditation for empowerment to enhance these energies affirming your intention. This is followed with a sound bath to expand the energy and bringing you in to full alignment once more strengthening your intentions for the future.

Sound baths help you connect with your senses, clear energy blockages, balance your emotions, and elevate your frequency through the healing power of sound and vibrations. Sound baths stimulate alpha waves in our brain which re-calibrate our cells and allow us to shift into a deep state of relaxation, coherence, and harmony. Sound baths operate on a mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual dimension, allowing us to purify any dissonant energies and center deeply into ourselves.

You'll walk away from this workshop grounded, protected, empowered and balanced. A workshop not to be missed.

Spaces are limited, pre-booking is advise to avoid disappointment.

This workshop will finish after the event hall has closed. Re-entry will not be possible.

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