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Full Moon 26th May

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and also a supermoon. A beautiful and potent moon to upgrade your power.

This Full Moon has opened up an 'Eclipse Portal', a doorway of opportunity for you to step through and receive high frequency vibrational upgrades within your body and consciousness.

Within this Portal, you are invited to let go of lower aspects of self. To release old genetic patterns, ancestral karma, societal expectations, restrictions and limitations, so that you can embrace FREEDOM and EXPANSIVENESS.

Sagittarius is the sign of Higher Learning, Expansion, Adventure and embracing New Opportunities. With this influence today, you are being asked to release yourself from ANYTHING that has been holding you back from fully embracing your true and authentic Self-Expression, Voice, Courage, Freedom, Beliefs and Higher Wisdom.

This Eclipse Portal provides an opportunity for you to upgrade and embody your Higher Aspects of self. And so by having the courage to let go of all connections, attachments, patterns, dynamics that have been keeping you stuck, bound, restricted, limited, tied can allow your divinity to expand and express throughout your entire body and reality.

Now is the time to be who you truly are fearless and free ❤

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