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Manifestation Mindfulness & Pizza what more do you need?

Learn how to Restore & Connect your mind body & soul feeling fully aligned once more.

Through mindfulness awareness & the power of manifestation with Anna from Amazonite Griffin.

Becoming mindful takes a lot of practice and is certainly not an easy process.

When we have spent so many years believing, interacting with and relying of the incessant chatter in our heads mindfulness can continue to be elusive.

Manifestation and wellbeing go hand in hand, one cannot work without the other.

Believing in ourselves is key, discover how to feel empowered and motivated to manifest your dreams into reality,

learning new skills and techniques that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Learn the importance of grounding and mindfulness, affirmations.

Changing your mindset to manifest through visualisations journaling, breathe work and meditation styles.

You’ll also receive a Manifestation set to take away with you and new skills that will be with you always.

Pizza and Fizz £55 per person £15 deposit required contact 01455 290806 to book your space (limited spaces)

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