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Wellness Full Moon Retreat Day

Join Amazonite Griffin and Congeries of Sound for a Wellness Full Moon Retreat Day at Hillstown village hall 18th August 10-4pm

Beginning our day- Cacao ceremonies are an ancient, heart-opening ritual that support the body in healing and connecting with the joy and magic of cacao. To honor this sacred plant, we will hold a circle of intention setting and blessings. Together we will enjoy the physical, energetic, and emotional benefits of this divine food and medicine.

Using mama cacao with a guided meditation connecting you to your spirit guides this meditation allows you to calm the body and mind to receive messages and guidance from your spirit guides in a grounded, safe and healthy way. If you are new to the idea of "Spirit Guides" this meditation will allow you to feel present in your body and receive the insight that you need to help you in your life right now. The intent is that you feel and learn from your own direct experience, in this way you will know and believe for yourself, that love is real and surrounds you always.

Following with connecting your senses, clear energy blockages, balance your emotions, and elevate your frequency through the healing power of sound and vibrations. Sound baths stimulate alpha waves in our brain which recalibrate our cells and allow us to shift into a deep state of relaxation, coherence, and harmony. Sound baths operate on a mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual dimension, allowing us to purify any dissonant energies and center deeply into ourselves.

You will use the Full Moons immense power and learn how to work with the energy of her releasing what no longer serves you purpose with guided meditation techniques and journaling. Candle work with one of Amazonite Griffins hand crafted full moon candles you will take away on the day.

Realigned and focus for the months ahead as the days become shorter and the nights longer.

Please wear comfy clothing, yoga mats and blankets recommended. Bring your own lunch as not provided 🙏 a deposit is required of £20 limited spaces available contact 07544768249 or to secure your space 10-4pm full amount £60

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