What is a mystic?


A mystic, by nature, searches for a deeper meaning of life, they intuitively know that there is more to life than meets the eye.


Mystics look beyond the obvious, sensing beyond the obvious, sensing the unseen world and inner realities. They have expanded awareness which allows them to see past ordinary life, they understand energetic analogy enabling them to make connections and see patterns, often having prophetic dreams, visions, thoughts and feelings, they are sometimes labelled “psychic”


They holistically view life, with body, mind and spirit acting as one. 


With my connection to the divine, I can offer readings giving guidance from the universe to help aid you on your journey.


1:1 readings this can be done via phone call or video call or even email for the shiest of us.   each reading will last up to one hour.


Guided by cards the deck can vary between and an array of oracle or tarot cards dependant on your first answer……


You will be contacted after purchasing to arrange the most convenient time for your reading.

1 to 1 Readings