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Divination offers guidance, it does not tell you what to do. It points to choices and possibilities , Oracles can warn of impending events and steer you through. But Oracles are notoriously ambiguous and obscure. They give answers that can be interpreted in several ways . When king Croesus was told by the Delphic Oracle that the great empire would fall if he went to war, he didn't expect it to be his own that would crumble but it was 🙏 When you receive answers from an Oracle remain open to all possibilities. The future is fluid- it hasn't happened yet, so anything is possible Oracles can help you learn to know yourself better however you must take responsibility for your own actions and take time to reflect on the guidance given . What we think we want isn't always what's best for us. Our soul has an agenda, an intention that leads our soul to growth rather than comfort and ease. As an ancient philosopher said: "It is not good for all your wishes to be fulfilled; Through sickness you recognize the value of health, Through evil the value of good, Through hunger satisfaction, Through exertion the value of rest." With my connection to the divine, I can offer readings giving guidance from the universe to help aid you on your journey. 1:1 readings this can be done via phone call or video call or even email for the shiest of us. Each reading will last up to one hour with guidance and discussion. Guided by cards the deck can vary between and an array of oracle or tarot cards dependant on your first answer…… You will be contacted after purchasing to arrange the most convenient time for your reading.


Disclaimer Any advice or guidance given in this session is down to the questioner to act upon and we hold no responsibility. We do not give out any medical or financial advice, please see a professional.

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1 to 1 Reading

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