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Blue Apatite is brilliant to keep yourself motivated, inspired, and ambitious. It increases self-confidence and self-acceptance while helping to access your authentic soul. 

Bluestones like blue apatite connect the mind to the spiritual world. Blue apatite meaning is all about opening your heart and mind to embrace your true self. If you are doubtful about your inner needs then this may give you a sneak peek at it.

Blue apatite healing properties are directly connected to the human body. Our teeth and bones are made of a biological mineral called apatite. So, its physical benefits are quite ironic. 

It is used for hunger suppression and boosting metabolism. It also keeps the bones, cartilage, and teeth healthy.

Blue apatite benefits also include its potency to connect your soul with the past self. It initiates creativity by connecting your soul to spiritual and intellectual parts of the past life.

Linked to throat chakras that signifies our communication abilities. By wearing this our communication skills will become better. 

Size guide grid is in inches

Blue Apatite Necklace

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