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As I express myself with love, life brings me all I need.


It’s a celestial reminder that you seriously need to express yourself, forgive yourself of any negative words you’ve spoken.  You can use this scrub whenever you want to cleanse your energy. Visualise shedding the old and revealing the new as you gently massage that salt into your skin. It will instantly dispel any overwhelming feelings and anxiety, leaving you calm and rested. Letting go saying no setting clear boundaries sprinkled with love and forgiveness. 


Dedicated to the Goddess Athena for her wisdom and courage, giving you inspiration and strength. She was known as a warrior goddess and companion of heroes. 


This salt scrub is charged with a smoky quartz big enough to keep boosted by the power of the full moon helping you express yourself with love and life, bringing you all you need. 


Our skin is the biggest organ of out body, it’s always grateful for some TLC. It’s also your contact point of your aura, which is constantly processing energies around you sometimes not so wanted energies. It also contains Coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, essential oils neroli, bergamot and geranium. 

Cosmic Cleansing

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