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“My thoughts create my reality. I connect to my highest wisdom and manifest a peaceful, calm world.”
This uplifting Aura Sprays has been designed to cleanse and rebalance the chakra through the powerful combination of high quality aromatherapy oils, potenised crystal, Keep it in your handbag, house or workspace for an instant crystal uplift and reminder to keep those thoughts upbeat and positive!
Directions: Shake well. Whilst standing perfectly still, clear your mind ready to repeat the affirmation, then spray around your aura or environment and deeply inhale the aroma and the energy.
Created with Neroli essential oil an emotional remedy to help free mind and spirit of fears, tension, uptightness, depression and lack of 'joie de vivre'. 
May chang essential oil used to connect with the spirit of rejuvenation, lifts the spirit and clear dark clouds and lilac essential oils banshing away any negative energy blended in 100ml distilled moon water infused with labradorite crystal chips linked to the Crown Chakra, allowing us to connect with our higher selves and the divine. Perfect stone for bringing awareness to the connection between our physical 3D reality and the 5D astral world.
All in a 100m Amber glass bottle.

Crown Chakra aura spray

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