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Look at you, glowing with self-love and becoming a magnet to good vibrations, I am proud of you. Letting go saying no setting clear boundaries sprinkled with love and forgiveness. Inspiring new motivation, cleansing you not just on the outside but the inside.

Our skin is the biggest organ and sometimes we forget how important this is, it’s the shell to our vessel. Using this salt scrub can also help cleanse your aura. It’s dedicated to Aphrodite’s Goddess of love and beauty, can also be used on the new moon , with a lit candle nearby (new moon enchanted candle) can also be used as bath salts. It has been charged with Rose quartz crystal to enhance radiant beauty. and charged overnight on a new moon.

Contains Rose petals for divine feminine, essential oils lemon, jasmine, vanilla, neroli, glycerine and Dead Sea salt sprinkled with magick.

Goddess Glow

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