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it's time to start believing in abundance in all forms.

Known for attracting prosperity aiding in becoming a clear channel to receive and manifest opportunities, you need to rewire your beliefs around self-worth, or you'll deflect opportunities as soon as they come your way. If you've always thought that success, love and wealth happen to other people then think again, It has been brought this crystal into your life to let you know that everything is possible, you just need to expand your belief system on what you deserve.

Aventurine was originally an accidental discovery made by Venetian glass workers during the 18th century. The name 'aventurine' was derived from the Italian words "a" and "ventura", which mean "by chance". Tibetans decorated their statues with the stone we call aventurine, used most often in the eyes, so each shimmer of light increased the statue's visionary powers. It was also called the "stone of the Amazons," as the deposits in Brazil were thought to have supplied the jewels of Amazon warrior queens.

Size guide grid is in inches

Green aventurine palmstone

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