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The Hekate wheel is a circle within which is a circular labyrinth surrounding a spiral. The labyrinth is a symbol of rebirth. The central spiral is a symbol of divine thought.The Goddess of Magic Hekate One of her ancient titles means “Breaker of Chains.” Hekate was known as the Keeper of Keys of the universe by the ancients, indicating she held the knowledge of all things. She was also revered as a goddess of the crossroads, a place viewed as a portal between this world and the one of spirits. She was always known as the Queen of Witches. Hekate is the rebellion against constrictions put upon us. She is the eternal wild woman. Hekate is the energy that brings us our connection self, to one another together in sacred circles, alone small and larger. We stand as wild women reborn.

On 30cm diameter premium quality slate with rubber protective feet protector.

Hekate wheel

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