Hera the supreme Goddess
The Creator the immortal director and founder of sisterhood to aid women suffering.
"Who says change is an impossible thing after a certain age, when all life us nothing but thae act of changing to grow"
This candle is to help you embrace yourself, empowering you to shed the layers of your former self and dare to bare all. Show the true embodiment of your own self who has been hidden for far too long.And importantly reminding the importance of self love.

Created with Apple essential oil the fruit of knowledge and wisdom, did you know when you slice an apple in 2 halvesit reveals the pentagram representing all 5 elements.Cinnamon essential oil for connectionto the divine, bringing light into your heart.

Filled with a mixture of flowers: Calendular, Marigold Flowers, Hibiscus Flowers, Rose Flowers, Cornflowers, Blue Mallow Flowers are an offering to the Goddess. All wrapped in eco soy wax with a shimmer as the wax begins to melt.

10.5cm height 5.4cm width