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This Affirmation candle is to help you reconnect with yourself and remember you are enough.Affirmations motivate, inspire,and encourage us to take action feel empowered, Our words are powerful and so are you.

Use this candle regularly to keep you clear and vibing high, light and repeat these words......

I am enough, who I am is enough, what I do is enough, what I have is enough 🖤

Adorned with smokey quartz although is not directly related to self-love, it is perfect for grounding and releasing negative energies.You can not expect to go up in vibration and feel self-love if you aren’t releasing the low emotions that are keeping you stuck.

It's grounding properties help to bring your desires out of the ethereal plane and into the material world. Once your dreams or ideas are made conscious, smokey quartz can assist in organisation and pragmatism. It is also a very protective crystal, so once you’ve manifested your intentions, smoky quartz will block any negative energies or influences that may try to get in the way.

With scents of bergamot, coriander and peony with a floral heart of lily, jasmine and rose drying to reveal a musk, patchouli, vanilla and woods, blended in 6oz of eco soya wax in an amber glass jar with lid.


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