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This Affirmation candle is to help you reconnect with yourself and remember you are supported. Affirmations motivate, inspire,and encourage us to take action feel empowered, Our words are powerful and so are you.

Use this candle regularly to keep you clear and vibing high, light and repeat these words.....

I am supported and protected in everything that I do.

Adorned with Amethyst

Known for emotional and spiritual protection, amethyst can break anxious or addictive thought patterns and help you move into your higher consciousness. Its high vibration blocks negative, stressful energies and stimulates serenity of the mind. Perfect for developing self-worth through spiritual self-love. When you grow spiritually, you allow negative energies and emotions such as shame and worthlessness to fall away, making way for self-love to fill you up!

With scents of plum, raspberry, rhubarb stalks and pomegranate open the fragrance to reveal a floral heart where midnight-blooming jasmine and lily are warmed by soft spices of clove, frankincense and pink pepper, blendedin 6oz of eco soya wax in a amber glass jar with lid.


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