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This Affirmation candle is to help you reconnect with yourself and remember you are worthy. Affirmations motivate, inspire,and encourage us to take action feel empowered, Our words are powerful and so are you.

Use this candle regularly to keep you clear and vibing high, light and repeat these words....

I am worthy and deserving of everything and anything I want in life 🖤

Adorned with Celestite serving as an intuitive guide for those who are ever ready to embrace the new age, Celestite is radiant with spiritual healing and can help you on the path to peace.

Take a deep breath and relax, Celestite is on your side. It's s all about compelling you to find your inner balance and perfect sense of peace. It helps to clear the mind of anger, resentment, and lingering bad moods – making way for clarity, clear eyes, and a sense of calm to breeze right in. When you aren’t being led by the fire of your emotions, you are better equipped to communicate, express compassion both inside and out, and to open your heart.

With this sensual blend of violet, sambad jasmine and orange flower is topped with an elixir of dark fruits. Black vetivert, patchouli and sultry musks wrap the scent in warmth all blendedin 6oz of eco soya wax in an amber glass jar with lid.


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