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Manifest it with our Intention powder 


An intention needs to be very specific and use as few words as possible. An intention is a way of summarising your desired outcome, by going through the process of thinking about what you hope to achieve, you can narrow your focus to exactly what you want. The more precise  you are with the intention the more effective the spell.


Spells that ask for generic things often fail because there is too much ambiguity, the clearer the intention, the more apt you are to use the energy and the powder to your advantage when setting your intention.


In addition to magickal proficiency, specific intentions help to activate our behaviours, thoughts, and emotions towards manifesting our desired outcome. Using this powder you’ll be motivated to do all you can to manifest your goal. A great intention brings into alignment your magick actions, feelings and thoughts making this a powerful combination.


How to set your intention:

  • Write down your initial ideas.

  • Once you've got them all down, study them for common themes, connect the themes using lines or circles, whatever works for you.

  • Use the common themes to identify the main intention and be as precise as possible.

  • Write the ONE intention on a separate piece of paper, be very specific, use as few words as possible.

  • Once you have this ready, find a quiet place for 15 minutes.

  • Light a candle or small fire whichever feels right for you, remember to always be careful if lighting a fire.

  • Hold a small amount of powder in your hands, placing one on top of the other. (you do not need to use the all the powder in one go)

  • Say your intention whilst still holding the powder in your hands.

  • Then once ready pour the powder into the flame, not to extinguish the flame, pause for a few moments so you can contemplate your intention, and feel it being released out into the universe, watching the flame activate your intention.

  • One you have completed releasing your intention, thank the universe and extinguish the flame safely.

  • Write down how this made you feel and your experience after using the powder.

  • Keep the intention you have written down is a spot where you can see it often for several days. 



We will not be held responsible for any outcome the intention powder creates.  Free will is yours and it is your choice to use it.

Do not consume or use for any other purpose. 

Contains: palo santo, bay leaves, chamomile flowers, red clover flowers, elder flowers, selenite powder, and white mica sealed with white wax and adorned with rainbow moonstone 



Intention powder

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