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Treat your skin to a relaxing beauty ritual that hails from ancient Chinese practices with the Jade Roller. Fine lines may become less noticeable while puffiness and discomfort is calmed, leaving your skin less stressed. The jade roller can also promote more efficient absorption when it comes to applying your favourite creams and serums.

As the smooth, cool stone glides across your skin it aims to lessen tension to encourage a more natural state of harmony. Traditionally, the jade stone is metaphysically believed to bring peace, opportunity and luck.

Maximise your skincare routine by incorporating this facial tool to massage your skin. Gua Sha, also known as the "Eastern Face Lift", is an ancient facial massage technique that promotes detoxification and healthy-looking skin


Begin rolling by starting at the centre of the face, under the eyes and cheekbones, moving out toward the hairline in short, gentle strokes. Move down to the jawbone, still working in short strokes, starting at the chin, and moving out toward the bottom of the ears. Next, roll above the eyebrows and forehead in an out and up motion. Use the smaller roller around the eyes and take extra care in this area. To end, very gently roll down the sides of the neck and then toward the centre of the clavicle.

Jade Facial Roller

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