A 5 week programme that lasts a lifetime.

Healing its never is that simple, but that's what makes the road to discovery so exciting, if you feel lost in the world right now I can be the light that guides you through my designed manifestation programme from self study to coaching, practicing different techniques. Helping heal the mind and body soothing your soul. Inspiring you to see the light even in the darkest hours this could be for you.
Mindset and focus are just as important intention 🙏and if you struggle with this it could be the right programme for you. This programme is about our mindset combined with manifestation. Truth be told manifestation isn't all rainbows and smiling (this is not always reality) but we can learn to incorporate this into our daily life.
My programme is to help change your mindset to enable you to successfully manifest and most of all enjoy it 2021 is here and it could be the year you learn how to truly believe in yourself and break down those limiting beliefs and start creating the life you've always dreamed of. You will learn techniques and methods of how to change your mindet to really start using the skills you will learn and put them into practise seeing the results. Some of these are grounding, meditations, visualisations and practical techniques that you'll be able to incorporate into your day to day life.
I am a qualified manifestation coach, I have been using the law of attraction and working with the power of the universe for many years, being able to pass this gift on to others and see the difference it can make to someones life is so rewarding and the reason I continue to coach and guide others using the law of attraction to truly manifest. This programme will be ran through facebook in a private group where you can remain silent or be interactive with others in the group and share experiences. Each session will be held on a Thursday evening and live if you arent able to watch at this time you will still be able to watch whenever you are free, also another benefit of this group being held on facebook it will last for a lifetime so you will be be able to watch as many times as you like and revisit when needed to keep focus.
Upon purchasing this course you will be sent out a pack of products that co inside with the course and nofitied when the first session will take place to ensure you don't miss anything. This is a five week course with a session per week lasting upto an hour. you will be contacted upon purchasing for futher instructions and details stated below. Reminder this is ran through facebook, you will need to confirm your account name and once sent a request to join the group, accept to have full access to the programme.
The group will be private and only group members will be able to see the group once all have joined. Your pack is to use with the course containing books, crystals, a candle and some extra treats I like to call it your activation box.

Manifestation Activation