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Satya Incense is one of the world's best selling incense brands.  Brought to you from the Hindu and Buddhist monasteries of India and Nepal this selection of incense is world known and one of the best.

12 Incense Sticks per pack (15 grams)

Burn time of approx 45 minutes

Each stick is 20cm long

Palo Santo (Holy Wood) is the Spanish name for the Bursera graveolens tree that is native to Mexico and South America. The tree is widely used for folk medicine and is claimed that when burned it helps to cleanse bad energies and bring good luck.

How to use:

Hold the incense stick careful at the bottom of the base.

Light the top of the incense and let it burn for a few second.

Blow out the flame & you will be left with a lovely glow.

When burning incense sticks please be careful of the flame and it is always best to use an incense holder.

Palo Santo Satya incense

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