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6.5cm high 12.5cm x 12.5cm wide on natural untreated wood giving you the choice of decoration.

How to Use a Pendulum Board:
Pendulums are a great tool for beginners in asking for Divine Guidance. Once you’ve set the intentions with your pendulum (which direction it should go for yes, no, maybe etc) you can ask it questions. However the Pendulum Question Board makes it even easier to use. Just place the board on a flat surface, ask your pendulum to give you the guidance that leads you to the truth & wisdom, then ask a question. The pendulum will then draw you to the closest answer it can give on the board. Start with basic questions that you know the answer to first, in order that you believe in the answers. Have fun with it.

Warning: It can become very addictive – Don’t forget that you always have a choice to change the course of your life – Just set your intentions

Pendulum board wooden box

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