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Helping you be in flow with the universe once more.


Meditation is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase our good vibes, enhancing positive energy.  It can help us find answers and solutions to problems, increase focus, encourage positive habits, improve sleep quality, even boost our confidence these are just some of the possibilities mediation has to offer us. 


Every method of mediation leads to the same place, calling back those wandering thoughts that have begun to over complicate in our lives.  Meditation can stop those wandering thoughts and simply give us the answers we have been searching for in the simplest of ways, it can help you learn to get back into the flow of the universe once more. 


Meditation is different for everybody, not every method will suit, did you know there are over a 1000 different forms of meditation!  That is a lot but shows you that there is one for and practice makes perfect.


Mediation is time purley for you and we can all spare a few moments a day for ourselves, once you start to see the benefits you will wonder why you didn't start sooner. 


I trained to be a meditation teacher purley to have a deeper understanding for me but once i saw the benefits for myself and how i could helps others around me, the difference it made, i decided i must offer this to more than just myself and friends as it can help us heal, learn, build a deeper connection with ourselves and our spirituality.  Opening up new pathways and being in full flow with the universe. 


You can choose to have one session or a cluster of sessions whichever suits you, firstly we would talk through how you feel about meditation your level of practise whether advance or even all new to this chapter to ensure you get the most out of your mediation and find the right type for you.  


1 to1 Meditation

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