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“I am a strong and powerful creator. I am safe and loved.”




This uplifting Aura Sprays has been designed to cleanse and rebalance the chakra through the powerful combination of high quality aromatherapy oils, potenised crystal, Keep it in your handbag, house or workspace for an instant crystal uplift and reminder to keep those thoughts upbeat and positive!


Directions: Shake well. Whilst standing perfectly still, clear your mind ready to repeat the affirmation, then spray around your aura or environment and deeply inhale the aroma and the energy.


Created with Patchouli essential oil with it's rich smell of earth connecting you to mother earth and grounding effects.Bay essential oil for it being the herb of purification giving strength and warding off negativity energy,  and rosemary essential oil It is strongly protective and purifying, warding off evil influences and witches and cleansing the atmosphere of bad energies, blended in 100mls of distilled moon water in an amber glass bottle.


Infused with Red jasper crystal chips this nurturing crystal stirs life back into your chi, while boosting your motivation. It’s perfect when making new plans or dealing with life's challenges. As the Base Chakra is also the foundation of spiritual energies, it’s important to keep it balanced. Red jasper carries a spiritually grounding energy that’ll ensure you remain ‘connected’ with your true power. This will help your meditation and other spiritual practices.

Root chakra aura spray

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