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“your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers

within yourself that you have built against you”- Rumi


The stone of Unconditional Love and Infinite Peace. It’s the most important crystal for the Heart and the Heart Chakra, teaching the True Essence of Love. It Purifies and Opens the Heart at all levels, and brings deep Inner Healing and Self Love. It is calming, reassuring, and excellent for use in trauma and crisis. Rose Quartz gently draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes. It strengthens empathy and sensitivity and aids the acceptance of necessary change. Rose Quartz teaches you also how to Love Yourself, vital if you have thought yourself unlovable. You cannot accept love from others nor love them unless you love yourself, Encouraging Self-Forgiveness and Acceptance, and invokes Self-Trust and Self-Worth.

Please note shape and colour may vary slightly due to the natural crystal.

Rose Quartz Rough

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