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“I unleash fun and creativity from within me now.”

Created with Jasmine is a heady, powerful oil that is most potent at night. It has an uplifting and intoxicating fragrance often used for its aphrodisiac qualities. Grapefruit oil has a refreshing and uplifting impact on our bodies. It helps lift depressive thoughts and encourages optimism. Ylang Ylang it is a powerful essential oil. It is said to help ground, strengthen and soothe our bodies and souls,blended with grapeseed oils and infused with Carnelian chips it is a crystal for motivation and creativity. It helps keep us in the present moment, encouraging vitality. , charged with Reiki in a 10ml amber glass bottle. 
The ball evenly distributes oil as it rolls on your skin.The crystals are unique with their own Individual energy frequencies are the perfect tool to help bring your body back into alignment, ensuring you can take on whatever the day brings you. They are the main way to apply oils to your skin in order to get those physical, emotional and mental benefits flowing!

Sacral chakra Roller ball

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