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An alternative method to normal cleansing smoke free!


Perfect to cleanse your space, crystals and you!


Moon charged and created to clear different negative energies and promote positive attracting energy to you and your individual spaces infused with charging crystals to activate the mist on each use.


Smudging is a ritual to clear energy from an area and is the best way to cleanse and purify, remove all negative energy from your space but as a modern witch knows its not always possible to use traditional smoke smudge sticks, allergies and restrictions in offices, small spaces like cars and other situations you cannot use the traditional method, so we have created these uniquely blended liquid smudge mists as a quick and alternative way of smudging that only uses natural ingredients, pure essential oils, Infused with crystal chips and distilled moon water making this mist an ideal smokeless alternative to traditional smudging with all the same benefits.


In a 100ml Amber glass bottle containing clear quartz and citrine chip crystal with essential oils sage, rosemary and palma rosa oil blended with full moon charged distilled water.


To activate mist a couple of shakes before each use is the ideal.

Sage away LARGE

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