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The Shiva Eye is the operculum of a sea snail found in the South Seas of North Australia. Shiva eye is commonly used in jewelry and was first made popular in Victoria Era Britain. This crystal gets its name form the Hindu god Shiva and is said to represent the third eye in the brow of Shiva.

Shiva Eye is also known as “Mermaid’s Money” and is thought to bring good luck and fortune to fisherman.

Shiva Eye, also known as “Pacific Cat’s Eye”, is a white shell with many healing properties. The Shiva Eye helps explain a mans path to immortal divinity. It also assists one in developing awareness of the divine without losing your connection to the earth. This shell is said to protect your wealth and bring good luck. Shiva eye transmutes the physical body into a body of light. Excellent stone to enhance creativity and awaken ones sense of adventure. It banishes fears and insecurities while also protecting against evil. Shiva eye is also a great stone to calm an overactive mind and energize imagination.

Size guide grid is in inches

Shiva Eye Necklace

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