The seductress of candles enhancing your desires to come to the forth front for you to embrace. Helping your heart expand your ability to love and so draw love to you, linked to Goddess venus and combined with the elements when you light this candle burn for at least 15 minutes a day whilst you visualise yourself in a loving relationship. With the loving vibration scent of vanilla, the attractive scent of orange blossom and lust Inducing hibiscus herbs. Malachite for divine feminine energies support and connection to out heart chakra. Be warned as the a Siren beautiful but deadly so are your thoughts be clear with what you want and how you want to feel remembering love can work in mysterious ways. Comes in a copper candle holder.


All of my products are vegan and eco-friendly made through the study of alchemy, herb lore and crystal healing to help aid you in the stresses that day to day life can bring I hope you find something  within my range that can bring you light in the dark days. 

These are enchanted candles, each and everyone has a soul purpose to help aid you, however you must be very clear with your intention upon lighting the flame will not always be the same as an ordinary candle as it is getting to work aiding you with what need at this point on your journey. Pay attention to the flame as this could have a hidden message when the flame burns low it is making the magick truly happen. 

Sirens call