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Negative energies are vanquished and the path is clear dispelling the bad with this holy spritiz, uplifting your higher self and spiritual sense of being.


Bringing you straight back down to earth and grounded. Containing distilled moon water, black obsidian crystal chips for protection against negative energies, Essential oils Birch a traditional broom of witches. A purification cleansing herb. Cradles were once made from birch to help protect helpless charges. Lime protecting against the evil eye, ridding you of all ills. Lemon removing all negative vibrations, frankincense Ancient Egyptians would burn at sunrise to honour ra. It releases powerful vibrations uplifting and driving out all evil and negativity for protection and spiritual growth. Camphor white for protection and purification dispelling negative energy it can take you to a higher spiritual vibration. 50ml blue glass bottle

Spirit Spritz

Size: 50ml
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