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Tap into the magic of lunar cycles with this beautiful, gold-embossed hardback guide, richly illustrated in full-color.

Welcome to the world of moon magic, where the night sky shines bright with possibility and shooting stars herald the arrival of new opportunities. This delightful book will unlock the key to understanding how the moon affects us all, and how to use its pull to manifest your goals and draw positive outcomes to you.

You will learn how to:

- Set up a magical moon altar

- Tap into the power of the lunar cycle.

- Use moon magic to manifest your goals.

- Practice meditations, rituals, totem animals and dreamweaving spells.

It's time to embrace the moon-cast shadows and tap into your nocturnal power, with the enchanting practice of Moon Magic.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Elements is a series of spiritual development titles, each focusing on different aspects of healing and divination. Written by a variety of experts, these beautifully illustrated hardbacks are the perfect entryway into ancient spiritual practices.

Book information


Publisher:Arcturus Publishing

Imprint:Sirius Entertainment

Pub date:05 Mar 2024


Number of pages:160




Spine width:20mm

Author Marie Bruce

The Essential Book of Moon Magic: Harness the gift of lunar energy - Elements

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