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"I see the truth. My future is calm. My past is healed and released.”




This uplifting Aura Sprays has been designed to cleanse and rebalance the chakra through the powerful combination of high quality aromatherapy oils, potenised crystal, Keep it in your handbag, house or workspace for an instant crystal uplift and reminder to keep those thoughts upbeat and positive!


Directions: Shake well. Whilst standing perfectly still, clear your mind ready to repeat the affirmation, then spray around your aura or environment and deeply inhale the aroma and the energy.


Created with Wild Frangipani essential oil blesses the soul of the departed and reminds those left behind of the immortal nature of the soul and its long journey through the many cycles of life. It invokes the highest form of spiritual and sensual love, It soothes emotional problems and can help those who working through psychological blockages awakening the third eye chakra.

Orchid essential oil is like a gentle purifying rain for the soul, an ablution to cleanse us of negative accumulated baggage of the ego. It is able to help clear negative ancestral patterns held subconsciously in the psyche and chakra. This essence is calming, gently grounding and quietening; it brings a stillness of mind, yet also attentiveness, mindfulness.

Gardenia essential oil heightens arousal, connects you to your inner truth and the Higher Realms, and ensures restful sleep blended in 100ml of distilled moon water infused with sodalite crystal chips as it has a strong vibration that is particularly helpful to aid the development of psychic abilities and with developing intuition. It is one of the crystals that benefits tarot readers, as it helps you to think rationally and intuitively and to verbally communicate your thoughts both truthfully and in a calm and relaxed manner. All in a 100ml amber glass bottle.

Third eye chakra aura spray

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