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It provides protection, strength, and power to the bearer. If you need some extra strength and power,  the Thor’s Hammer pendant will give you the protection.

Admirers of symbolic and mythological jewelry will find the Thors hammer pendant fascinating. The simple hammer shaped pendant's rich lore has ties to Norse mythology and Scandinavian history. The hammer symbol, which has been around since the Bronze Age, has intrigued people for centuries.

Thor is the Norse god of thunder in Norse mythology. According to lore, Thor is the son of the chief Norse god, Odin, and the goddess Jӧrd, who is associated with the earth. As the god of thunder, Thor is also associated with war, destruction, protection, honor, rebirth and fertility. Legends depict him as a large man with red hair and a beard who often travels in a chariot pulled by the goats, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjόstr. He has a wife called Sif, who bore him a daughter, Thrud. His mistress, Járnsaxa, gave him two sons - Modi and Magni.

Thor's Hammer pendant

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